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Case Studies

Case Studies

Weekenders / Home-Based and Music Mondays

Our son was involved with LWCA for 10 years (until he reached his 18th birthday and had to move across to an adult service provider) and during his time he received excellent care.

He initially went to the monthly Weekenders Club. Here he really enjoyed all the different activities on offer and all the staff were professional and very caring. He later moved to the home-based scheme and he was supported by a number of staff over the years. They were usually long term and really got to understand our son and his needs. He enjoyed lots of different activities on his trips out and always felt safe and secure with his Independent Support Worker (ISW). If ever his regular worker wasn’t available they provided cover and all staff were excellent – very professional and caring and took care to meet his specific needs. Both his long term carers were male which was important for a teenage boy and often difficult to find.

He also went to Music Monday’s group which he loved because he got to try new equipment and instruments and he became a proficient DJ! When he reached 18 and had to stop using LWCA, we were all very sad but they put on a great leaving/birthday party for him geared to his specific likes which was lovely.

If LWCA moves into providing services for young adults we would use their services again without hesitation and would recommend them to any family with special needs children – they are always professional and caring and target their support to the specific needs of the individual.



“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our daughter’s time at Weekenders. She is settling into adult Services and is finding her feet very well! Your service has always been excellent and you were the only service at the time that would give me a break. All the best for the future and I hope your service will continue to thrive and support the families and children of Leeds.”
“Keep up the great work everyone!”
“My son really enjoys attending weekenders. Without doubt it is the staff who make it such a fun place for him to go to. They strike the perfect balance of being professional and caring as well as being smiley and fun.”
“Weekenders is as important to us as a family and I count myself very fortunate that he is able to attend. I can catch up with friends or family and I can go out for a few hours knowing that he is having a great time. A big thank you Weekenders!”

Children / Young People

“It’s good.”
(Young person)
“It gets me out of the house.”
“It makes me happy”
“Get to be friends with staff and others”
“Helped me to make friends”
“Getting to do new things”
“I love it!”
“Having a laugh and a joke”
“Made me more confident”