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Our Mission

Leeds Weekend Care Association (Weekenders Club) is a local, independent charity with one aim. 


Our Mission Statement

To make a positive difference to the lives of disabled children and teenagers within the Leeds area by providing innovative leisure activities and top-quality care.


Our Objectives

  • To deliver safe, fun, exciting, inclusive activities, and environments.

  • To encourage friendship, independence, exploration and understanding.

  • To provide a much-needed break for parents and caregivers.

  • To recruit, retain and train enthusiastic, energetic, and experienced staff.

  • To advocate for those whose voice is often ignored or not heard.

  • To build a community that welcomes and celebrates difference.


Our Guiding Principles

  • To improve the lives of families with disabled children and young people.

  • To recognise and understand the needs of parents and carers and to work closely with them in shaping and delivering our services.

  • To encourage a positive approach to children and young people with disabilities on our projects and in the wider community.

  • To promote the recognition of young people with disabilities as important and integral members of society.

  • To provide equality of provision and access to service users regardless of disability, gender, ethnic origin, skin colour, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

  • To provide a positive, developmental environment for all our staff.


Our Values

Our values underpin how we work as an organisation, and as individuals within it.

Fun - We believe that having fun and making friends is fundamental to a person’s happiness.  Fun is a release.  It provides freedom, enjoyment, fulfilment, and connection.

High Quality - We provide safe, creative, exciting, collaborative spaces/experiences for our children, staff and volunteers. We always strive to be and do better.

Inclusive - We support, value, and respect each other. Shared values and goals help everyone reach their full potential.

A Can Do Attitude - We focus on what our children, staff and volunteers can do.  By recognising and celebrating achievements, big and small, we empower individuals and our community.

Honesty - We take responsibility for our successes and failures.  We are open to what is possible, not afraid to fail, and we learn quickly.

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