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Families' Stories

“The project allows our teen to feel independent from his family in a safe way. It allows us to spend time with our other children without the input of our teen with additional needs. He looks forward to every outing!“

Alfie’s perspective - “I enjoy meeting other kids like me, especially the climbing wall & Ninja Warriors 😊”

Alfie Jackson – Out & About Project


“The Out & About Project has made a huge difference to my daughter and  family. She has made a close friend who she sees at all the events, and it has helped her gain independence and confidence. The staff are incredible, and all the activities are perfect for her. As a parent I now get to go to the gym and have time alone with my other child.”

Annabella Ashton – Out & About Project

“Annie loves her sessions at Leeds Weekend Care Association. She always smiles when we pull up in the car park. The staff are so friendly and welcoming. There is always a real variety of activities on offer. Annie loves to play outside and for her the swing is a real bonus! The staff encourage her to engage in other activities that she would not normally choose which is helping her to develop more skills. Annie is well cared for, and I appreciate the time and effort the staff put in to make the sessions as fun as possible for her. They understand my daughters needs and challenges. Annie leaves the session with her smile intact, and I know she has had the best time playing and learning at Weekenders. Thank you!”                                  Annie Parker – Weekenders Club


“Antoni has attended Weekender Club for over 2 years. What a fantastic place and team. He always has a great time with lots of different activities, both indoor and outdoor. It is a place where he can meet new friends. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Antoni Antosik – Weekenders Club


Quote from Archie

“Out & About Project is awesome! I love all the staff and meeting up with my friends”

Archie Sykes - Out & About Project


“Ben really enjoys the Out & About Project . It gets him out of the house, and he makes new friends.  It also brings him out of himself as he is very shy and will also make him have a conversation, which he is often not the one to start a conversation. As for parents we feel it’s something Ben can go to without us for his own independence. We know he's looked after, as we couldn't let him go out on his own .  It makes him feel like a teenager going off without Mum and Dad . Going makes him talk -think -reply and use his brain a bit more - which for Ben is a good thing . Glad we found  the Out & About otherwise don't think Ben would have as much space to grow 😊”       

 Ben Williams-Dustan – Out & About Project 

“When Billy first started at Weekenders Club, he struggled to cope with the noisy environment and new people. There were a lot of tears, but we knew he was well looked after and the staff very quickly learnt what he liked and what he could tolerate, despite being mostly non-verbal. Nowadays Billy asks for Weekenders every single weekend and is always excited to go. After this last session he told me “I love Weekenders. At Weekenders I had a big cuddle with a friend, and it was the best cuddle ever!!” The development of his confidence, happiness, and the creation of some true friendships is testament to the wonderful job they do there.

Billy Harkis- Weekenders Club


“Charlie said he loves Weekenders; it makes him happy! He enjoys playing with his friends and doing arts and crafts 😊”

Charlie Breakspeare -Weekenders Club


“Well, what can I say. Weekenders Club is amazing!  My son who is 15 and has autism has been attending the club for many years and really enjoys himself when he is there.  He is very well cared for and there are so many different activities for him to engage him. The staff are friendly and helpful, and I know my son is in good hands when I drop him off to play.”                  

Elliot Fleming - Weekenders Club


“Ethan really enjoys going to Weekenders on a Saturday once a month. He is non-verbal but will ask to go every Saturday that he isn’t there. Ethan always has a 1-1 and the staff are brilliant with him. The scheme is always organised and very professional.”

Ethan Galley – Weekenders Club


“I think you are all amazing! It has really helped Josh having somewhere to socialise and do the things he loves, without his parents around. I think it's an important group where teens can socialise safely but with that little bit of independence.”

Quote from Josh                                                                                              

“I like laser zone and bowling best and meeting my friends”           

 Josh Oates- Out & About Project


“Kundai enjoys his association with other children, and he is very comfortable around them. His independence has improved greatly as he now enjoys cooking and helping with household chores. As a parent I'm very happy with his progression through Weekender’s Club and he has now transitioned to the Out & About Project. It has been a life saver and an empowering service. Thank you!”

Kundai Murwira- Out & About Project


“Lillie said she loves the cooking and baking ; she also loves playing games with everyone and doing arts and crafts. Lillie loves playing with friends, and she likes the interaction with the grown-ups too!

I personally as a parent love that she is getting to socialise with people outside of school, as you can imagine it can be challenging especially for kids that are averse to social situations like Lillie. The regularity of the sessions is great as she loves routine, and it helps with her social anxiety.”

Lillie Sturgess – Weekenders Club


“Obviously Lola can't express in words her enjoyment, but she is happy to come. When we are on our way in the car she is smiling and happy. She particularly enjoys looking at pictures on the Facebook page. You are all amazing and take care of Lola really well. You all do a fab job. Thank you.”                                             Lola Coleman Kaye – Weekenders


“Luke has a brilliant time at Weekender’s Club! He enjoys the range of activities and meeting other children. The staff are amazing with him. He quotes “ I like playing with the toys and rocking it out”. 

He strides in without a backwards glance. As Luke’s parents we value the time and look forward to the respite, even though it is once a month for three hours it is time as a couple, to enjoy things that Luke is unable to take part in or catch up on chores that are hard to do if Luke is around.

Thank you to the great team.                                                                                    

 Luke Andrews – Weekenders Club


“Lydia has been attending Teen Scene now for over a year and she loves it! It’s a little break for Mum and Dad to have some quality time whilst Lydia has lots of fun. The staff are amazing & the baking, making cards, playing outside and supporting our children on the bikes. It might only be a few hours a month but it’s something we all look forward to. I feel safe knowing she’s being taken care of and is having fun with children her age. It’s difficult making friends outside of school and this is the perfect setting to do that. Thank you to you all 🙌🏼”

Lydia Meehan- Teen Scene


“Our son transitioned to the Out & About Project from Weekenders last year and he loves it.

He has been going to Weekenders for years and enjoyed his time there. He has definitely put the Weekenders team through their paces.  He has grown to trust and feel safe in their care.

The move to Out & About came at the perfect time, at 15 he needed to have a bit more excitement and have new experiences away from us parents.  Michael would not be able to go to the bowling alley or Frankie & Bennys without the support. Chantelle & her team offer fun activities whilst supporting him to be more independent and giving him an opportunity to enjoy life.”

Quote from Michael

“I really enjoy meeting new friends and having fun.  I particularly like going to the theatre and going on trips on a coach.  I also love bowling and eating out.”                           

 Michael Harupa- Out & About Project


“Yusuf's been coming to Weekenders for a few years now. He loves it ! The staff are very hands on, friendly and interactive with him. He's made friends and he really enjoys the themed activities they do, each time he attends. So, it's a massive thank you from him and us. Keep up with the good work. It makes a positive difference to children with needs.

Yusuf Sadiq- Weekenders Club


“Zoe always looks forward to her Weekenders sessions, and always comes out with a smile on her face! The staff are always so friendly, and we know we are leaving her to enjoy herself in good hands.”             Zoe Arnold- Weekenders Club

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